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Thank you for considering the Particular Wall™.  

The Particular Wall™ technology is as powerful as a landslide -- without the ill effects.  With licensing, it can be your innovative technology.

The Particular Wall™ applies the inherent gravitational forces of particulate -- earth, gravel, shell, etc. -- against itself, through the properties of angle-of-repose/dfa.  Civil Engineers familiar with the forces of particulates (quantified by William McQuorn Rankine) will recognize the motive -- turned retentive -- applications: 

  • Eliminating wall rotation

  • Stabilizing slopes longer under more circumstances (including soil liquefaction). 

Without heavy mass or intensive earth conditioning, the Particular Wall™ reduces on- and off-site costs: 

  • Since the Particular Wall™ is more stable the more “holes” it has, it reduces both material and trucking costs (holes do not cost anything   to make or haul).

  • It can be engineered for on-site fill, further reducing expenses. 

  • You can build a Particular Wall™ with a steep slope (79 º degrees with a fill angle-of-repose/dfa of 30º), or small baffle (11º with a fill angle-of- repose/dfa of 30º).

There are several explanations of the Particular Wall™ technology:

  • Valve Diagram -- The Particular Valve™ is the building block for the Particular Wall™.  This diagram shows how angle-of-repose design  can either "stop" or "go" a flowing particulate.  

  • Sand Box Explanation -- This shows how vertically stacking the   Particular Valve™ controls  a pile or hill.  It starts with   a  simple     "Sand Box" description, then moves to a basic force analysis.  The     analysis shows how the engineered Particular Wall™ eliminates rotation.

  • Piston Explanation -- Although the "geometry" of the angle-of-repose is powerful, you can describe the Particular Valve™ application as a piston that equalizes the forces involved. 

Thank you for the chance to partner with your firm’s reputation for proprietary innovation.


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